"1.000 EUROs GENERATION" is the 1st web Community entirely dedicated to the "Milleuristi" (1.000 €uros per month employees), to their stories and their vicissitudes, to their frustrations and their hopes. A meeting corner conceived according to the great - and unexpected - popularity of the homonymous 'reality book' and the will to give the deserved visibility to a generation of young people still in search of reference points.

On one hand, Claudio, Rossella, Alessio e Matteo - the four protagonists of the original novel - keep on living their adventures as 1.000 €uros employees in the Blog, an interactive 'role-sequel' where they tell their feelings and emotions without filters.

On the other hand, inside the Forum, anyone can share his personal experience, reveal his tricks of "creative economy" to live with 1.000 €uros per month, describe his standard-day jumping through examinations, CVs, ambitions, dreams and hobbies, point out news and enterprises and also suggest polls and topics to discuss.

Right from the Forum came out the tags purposed to theMinister Cesare Damiano in our Petion On Line to suggest some changes in the laws which rule the system of employment in Italy.

Moreover, in the Download section, there is plenty of stories and novels written by other "Milleuristi" and free to be downloaded: of course, anyone can send us his text and we'll provide to upload it on the web!