"1.000 EUROs GENERATION" is the story about Claudio, a 27 y.o. graduated guy who works in Milan as a junior account for a multinational and shares a rented apartment with some friends - Rossella, Alessio e Matteo - in the suburbs of the city. He's satisfied by his job, but his contract (a so-called "co.co.pro." with an income of 1.028 euros per month) doesn't give him any benefit or warranty. Nevertheless, Claudio doesn't give up his hopes and dreams and looks at his precariety not as a limit but as an opportunity to react and find new perspectives every day.


But "1.000 EUROs GENERATION" is also the story about all those people like Claudio, who nowadays are building up an entire generation named "Milleuristi" (o "G1000"). Young employees between 25 and 35 years who, despite their poor earnings, keep on thinking of their future in a positive way and without self-commiserations.


Inspired to an enquiry published on "El Pais" and dedicated to "La Generación de los Mil Euros" («Those who live with 1.000 euros per month», a generation that exists also in Italy but that too often has been forgotten, banalized or undervalued), "1.000 EUROs GENERATION" has been the 1st 'reality book' free to download from the web.
From december 13th 2005 to march 13th 2006, in just 3 months, it has been downloaded by 23.397 people, catching the interest non only of all the 'Milleuristi' who identify themselves with the protagonists of the story, but also - in a total unexpected way - of the most important italian and international media.


By now, "1.000 EUROs GENERATION" is out in all the italian bookshops in a brand new edition, to reach also those ones who still don't know it or who are not so keen on the web.
Moreover, between 2007 and 2010 it has been published also in
Germany and Holland, Greece, Portugal, Japan and Korea and it's forthcoming in France in late september 2011! Meanwhile, in 2009 it has also become a movie directed by Massimo Venier and starring Alessandro Tiberi, Carolina Crescentini, Valentina Lodovini, Francesco Mandelli, Paolo Villaggio and Lucia Ocone.


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If you wanna read the 1st chapter of the german edition,
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