What's your birthday?

34 (may 22nd, 1974 - gemini)

33 (october 19th, 1975 - libra)


What's your job?

web project manager

the journalist and the tv author


Have you ever made some other jobs?

i'd have made'em with pleasure,
but something went wrong

yes, including the ice-skating teacher


Is there a job you will never make?

the 'tv opinionist'.
if it's called a job, of course

the 'scafista'.
because he's a killer without balls


Who you will run over with your car?

with my useless multiple personalities

i would stop even in front of the king of assholes


You have a crystal ball: what do you see in your future?

much ado about nothing

a nerveless italy where young people go on just by 'friendships'


You have a magic wand: make a wish

i would like to know what god is thinking about the pope

i would like anyone to smile at least an hour a day


Where can we find you on the net?